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Witchy Halloween Project QT

Witchy Halloween Project QT Free Hentai Sex Game Mobile and Browser!

Play hentai puzzle sex game mobile!

The story is vague yet there is just enough info provided to give you an account of what it is meant to be. Some kind of a black hole experiment went haywire in the arctic tundra and a rift opened up which unleashed a killer virus that eventually destroyed mankind.

Project QT Witchy Halloween


In project QT you are basically fighting to contain the infection using some of the craziest weapons imaginable….. namely naked hentai chicks. Unfortunately it seems the game itself has forgotten it’s own story line.

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If it were not for Nutaku offering summaries and synopsis’s most gamers may even play this entire game and never even realize the mentioned story line above. Very few references are made to the core story through out the game play experience.


Project QT features a broad selection of sexy hot characters and monstrous fighting girls which is coupled with engaging game play in which the player will fulfill unique tasks and have a chance to enjoy an immersive sexy hentai experience like no other.

During this start guide I will point out the basics of this game giving you all of the knowledge needed to plunge into the experience fully armed with the facts.

Some key features of project QT include:

  • 50+ animated H-scenes
  • 80+ stages to play
  • 20 characters waiting to be recruited
  • 8 monster girls to unlock & seduce
  • Undress girls by evolution to the highest star levels
  • Upgrade loyalty and skill level of monster girls using seduction tools & gifts

Daily Login Bonus If you log in to the game every day consecutively you will be given rewards for your consistent presence. These rewards go on for 28 days before resetting. Day(1-28)

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  1. Coin (x5000)
  2. Energy (x1000)
  3. Gem (x50)
  4. Sweep Scroll (x5)
  5. Basic Summon Ticket (x1)
  6. Coin (x5000)
  7. Energy (x1000)
  8. Gem (x50)
  9. Stockings (D) (x3)
  10. Exploration Ticket (x2)
  11. Coin (x7000)
  12. Energy (x2000)
  13. Gem (x80)
  14. Sweep Scroll (x10)
  15. Basic Summon Ticket (x1)
  16. Coin (x7000)
  17. Energy (x2000)
  18. Gem (x80)
  19. Bikini (C) (x3)
  20. Exploration Ticket (x3)
  21. Coin (x10000)
  22. Energy (x3000)
  23. Gem (x100)
  24. Sweep Scroll (x15)
  25. Year 2 Memory Fragment Box (x1)
  26. Coin (x10000)
  27. Energy (x3000)
  28. Gem (x100)

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Daily Play Bonus Staying in game for a certain amount of time will allow the player to receive special bonus items. Time 3:00 Energy (x300) 5:00AP Restoration Potion (Small) (x1) 10:00Vibrators (x5) 20:00 Stockings (D) (x5) 30:00Coin (x5000) 

Play Project QT on Nutaku.

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