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Key’s PC game “Summer Pockets” released in the summer of 2018 will be
provided to the world as “New Summer Pockets”.

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– Promotion of the main heroines of the sub heroines “Miki Nomura” and “Shizuhisa Mizuori”
-Added “Umi Kato” route
-Added new heroine “Kamiyama Satoshi”
-Inserted character song production and added new theme song (2 other songs added)

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-adding normal scenario (day-to-day system and the multiple characters complex events, etc.)
strengthening of the table tennis game (doubles specification)

the contents of the original new one roll, such as, by combining with another title and Seth dare existing game,
“Summer It connects seamlessly with the world of Pockets, and
will bring even more excitement to both pre-played users and new players.

The main character, Hayari Takahara
, came to Tori Shirashima alone during the summer vacation to sort out the relics of her deceased grandmother.

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When I get off the ferry, which has only a few trains a day, I meet a girl.
She let her hair play in the sea breeze, looking far away … just looking at the boundaries of the sea and the sky.
When I noticed, the girl went somewhere, and Hayori headed for her grandmother’s house, feeling like she was picked by a fox.

There was already a relative’s aunt there, who was organizing the relics.
Hayori helps her grandmother clean up her memorable items, and while being puzzled by the “life on the island” that she first encounters, she adapts.

Contact with nature that you never knew in urban life.
It was such a life that reminded me of something nostalgic that I had forgotten.

I met a girl looking at the sea.
I met a girl looking for a mysterious butterfly.
I met a girl looking for memories and a pirate ship.
I met a girl who lives in a quiet lighthouse.

I made new friends on the island-

I wish I hadn’t finished this summer vacation.

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