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Monster Harem RPG Sex Game Android


Play Monster Harem RPG Sex Game Android and Browser PC for FREE

I played Monster Harem RPG Sex Game and I loved it so much. You can hev lots of fun just hunting the dungeons for monsters.

You can Play Monster Harem also on Android Mobile.

You’ve been summoned by Arianna the Light Keeper, the evil Lord De Struk Shun is trying to kidnap the Queen and enslave the whole kingdom.
It’s down to you to build a powerful Harem, evolve your monsters, make the dungeons safe, fight back against Lord DSS and reap your rewards.

Play Monster Harem Here Free


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• 19 Girls and 28 H-scenes
Kick off your adventure with great satisfaction, as a reward for joining the fight!

• Over 150 Dungeons
Complete all the adventures, get rewards, and get more girls to join your harem!

• Dungeon Mazes
Fight your way through an increasingly difficult set of dungeons! But don’t worry, it’s worth the trouble!

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