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Mom Real Sex Games Story


Mom Sex Anal Games Story

Real sex story mom and son free games.

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I left my bicycle to one corner of our leaving region passing on sufficient room for father to leave his vehicle when he got back home later. I rushed inside searching for mother. I owed her a ‘Thank You’ and an embrace for she was the person who assisted me with selecting the gifts for Anu. Mother was my Guru when it came to sweetheart matters.


“Mom?” I called out as I ran in to the kitchen. She wasn’t there.

“Mom?” I called louder coming back to the living room.

“I’m up here.” She responded aloud from her bedroom on the first floor. I rushed up the stairs and was at her door in a few seconds.

“Open the door mom, I have something to tell you.” I said as I knocked on the closed door.

“Not now.” She said. I could hear her shuffling from inside.

“Why not?”

“I’m not decent.” She said.

“Okay… so wear some clothes and let me in… I have something important to tell you.” I said impatiently.

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“Stand by a second.” She said. I heard some stirring of garments and afterward her strides. The entryway opened and I ventured inside determined to lift her up in an embrace and turning her around in the air… in any case, I halted abruptly the second I saw her. Then I chuckled.

“What extravagant dress rivalry are you going to?” I in the middle between chuckles seeing my mother wearing a garish red saree. She had wrapped a cloak on her chest area yet even that couldn’t conceal the bling on the saree material. She had even placed on some light make-up.

“Quiet down Idiot!” she admonished… however, I was unable to help it. I broke out giggling once more. My mother was the direct opposite of the garments that she currently had on her. Her closet comprised altogether of sober tones and moderate, commonsense garments.

Kayle gave her child a fun loving sneer as she stood exposed in her room that morning, not having tried shutting the entryway. In the year since her separation from his father, she had become very uninhibited around the house and Cody frequently saw his mother stripped.


Cody grinned at his mother’s bareness. She was trim and brunette and appealing. Both of them had consistently gotten along and after the separation they had quite recently normally become a lot nearer. He was nineteen now regardless living with her while he went to the neighborhood school. They appreciated each other’s conversation and in light of the fact that he was currently more seasoned, they partook in that adjustment of their relationship.

“Perhaps a speedy one preceding you go to class and I go to work,” she said leniently.

Cody grinned.

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He immediately stripped down, having no trouble in disdaining his mother with an erection. She grinned enthusiastically at his articulated young excitement and laid on the bed, putting her legs separated.

Cody joined her. He got kneeling down between her slim legs and, taking a hold of his penis, he directed to expanding head up to the pink vaginal opening that was settled down in the delicate shaggy folds. Effectively his slid his erection into her vagina.

“Ohhhh,” she inhaled, appreciating his addition, “you dick feels so hard.”

“My dick is in every case hard with you, mother,” Cody said.

He started to screw his penis all through her, doing with such ease and delicately. As he did, he arrived at down to allow his finger to play with her rising clitoris. It swell significantly more with his touch.

“Goodness, yes … ” she relaxed.

Cody looked down and watched his hard penis going in and out of his mom’s vagina.

“Oh, Cody …” she said. “It feels so good doing this with you.”

“It feels good doing it with you, mom. It always does.”

“I love it when we fuck,” Kayle said unashamedly.

“I love fucking you mom,” Cody told her as he continued to give her his stiff penis and played with her now fully erect clitoris, feeling its womanly firmness rising up to his touch. His fingers moved repeatedly over its smooth pink sensitive projection exciting his mom more and more.

“Ohhh … Ohhhh …” she gasped. Between her son’s boner moving in her now thoroughly wet vagina and his fingers tickling her clit she was fast reached an orgasm. With her son she always found herself coming quickly and easily.


In the next moment she was climaxing.

“AH!” She gasped and put her head back on the pillow. “AH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!”

It was so wonderful and so exciting to be lying there, penetrated by her own son’s reproductive organ and to feel his male sex in hers. To know that it was his penis in her vagina. Kayle struggled with the sexual surges going through her naked body.

Cody loved seeing his mom having an orgasm.

As she was peaking he needed to quit scouring her clit as it had become excessively delicate for him to proceed. He went on however to offer her all of leeway of his erect penis, diving deep into her smooth conceptive sheath over and over.

Feeling his hard dick being stroked by his mother’s delicate wet pussy immediately carried him to the mark of discharge.

“UHHHH! UHHHHH!” Cody grunted as he felt the thick semen pulse from his dick, delivering his wet sperm into his mom’s reproductive organ with a fulfilling satisfaction. “UHHH!!!! UHHHHH!!!”

It was so incredible to come in his mom. To feel his dick throbbing in his mom’s vagina.

Mother and son sex was just so pleasingly personal and intimate and meaningful.

They both loved this and were enthralled by the experience.

Each of them savored their satisfying completion.

“Oh, honey …” she said, and reached out a hand to rub his arm. “It’s so wonderful having you do that in me. It’s very special for a mother to do that wither own son.”

“It’s special for me too,” Cody said, looking at his mom lovingly, “to do that in my own mom.”

He leaned over and they did a kiss on the lips.

Then he withdrew his no longer stiff penis from her vagina and they enjoyed once more having successfully been intimate as mother and son. There was just nothing better than that.

Each felt pleased and unashamedly proud to be that loving with each other.

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