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King Of Wasteland Review – Simulation Sex Strategy Game


King Of Wasteland Review – Nutaku Simulation Sex Strategy Game!

I played this game on my phone and I have to say I am impressed. It’s an addictive strategy game you can end up playing all the time you have your mobile or your android device in hand. I find it simple with cool graphic design and the girls are super sexy.

Also I love the sex animations, they are created really good even when you see a hentai girl breathe, the animation is smooth.

Another strong point it’s the game theme, wasteland, I love this type of environment with sexy zombies, nurses and military chicks… you just have to try it by yourselves.

You can play it on desktop if you install BlueStaks Free from Here, Register Free Here and Install the Game, it will be open inside bluestacks.

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About King of Wasteland

One global back-end server is used to run this stunning strategy game with an end of the world theme. You’ll need to battle through incredibly challenging adventures, where survival is the only rule! You must tough out this doomsday catastrophe and find comfort in the arms of beautiful women.

You will have to lead and control the beautiful heroines, command different teams of armed forces, fight off zombies, explore the post-apocalyptic world, compete for scarce resources, and learn to survive in desperate circumstances!

You will have to level up quickly in order to survive the attacks from other commanders and save your precious resources from being plundered.

You may join the right alliances to seek protection and help from powerful players in your state. Limited time contest, city war, arena, apocalypse, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and many more great events are waiting for you to explore.

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Key Features

• City Building, Massive Multi-Player, Army Training, Simulated Life Game, Free to Play
• Super world, where all players are on the same server
• More than 20 unique heroines, more than 50 beautiful scenes, animated sex
• Encounter and conquer beautiful women, post-apocalyptic world
• Vast battlefield, always dangerous
• Develop heroes and grow their strength
• A great selection of equipment, devices and functional buildings
• War Machines, Conquering the World
• Various activities and playing modes to get unique tokens for girls
• Holiday, resource, hero, and activity based events
• Install on Android devices

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