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Ella 2048 – Puzzle Sex Game Android


Ella 2048 – Puzzle Sex Game Android Free to Play!

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Hentai RPG Porn Game for Mobile Android. Big tits anime puzzle cartoon sex game free to play online REGISTER FREE ACCOUNT HERE!


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Summary of Game

Welcome to Ella 2048, a puzzle mechanics based adult game infused with enhanced RPG elements! Collect and raise a team of genetically Enhanced Elite Ellas to fight against Mutant Merthings and save the world!

Choose from a selection of over 50 unbelievably sexy Ellas, give them your love and affection, and unlock their secret sex stories!


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Key Features

Get ready for the role of a lifetime! Your mission is to take on the role of Master, leading your own elite team of Ellas to save the Earth from Merthings. With a team of 10 Ellas, prepare to battle your way through the vicious hoards of mutants.
Immerse yourself in the world of Ella 2048 through 250+ comic book style unique narrations.
Play through Hard Mode and Hell Mode to reveal extra stories and receive bigger and better rewards!

Play with her, Register Free Here:

Enjoy high-quality 3D hentai scenes with more than 50 unique Ellas, each with her own secret sex scene! Indulge yourself in the comic book style love stories and live unforgettable passionate moments with your girls!

• Enjoy 150 high quality unlockable 3D Hentai scenes!
• Meet and seduce 50 smoking hot Ellas!
• Get caught up in this hentai game’s intense gameplay and storyline!
• Choose upgradeable and customizable Ellas!
• Get your girls the very best unlockable sexy costumes…and receive some steamy nudes in return!
• Leaderboard rank modes available!

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