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Dr Sugimoto’s Lewd Consultation Room Umemaro 3D


Download Dr Sugimoto’s Lewd Consultation Room Umemaro 3D

Play Hentai 3D First Dr Sugimoto Sex Game made by Umemaro.


A female doctor with a stethoscope conducts strange medical examinations.
She makes the man who come to see her take off his clothes and has a nurse lick his genital .
Enjoy the feminine doctor and the large-breasted nurse in a story of turning the tables.


From the popular Umemaro series here´s volume 8 LEWD CONSULTATION ROOM. The story is pretty short : to relieve the stress ( that can be fatal ) of Mr. Edwards the busty nurse and the incredibly hot doctor have to make him come as often as they can.

Now the nurse is nothing to scoff at but the doctor is really the ultimate dicktaming sexbomb. This sophisticated lady with the ” fuck me ” – voice and the pornstar body with the hottest bikini tan lines ever alone is a guarantee for the ultimate hard – on.

And while the nurse knows her stuff the doctor is just an absolute nympho and deepthroat expert. She also probably made her doctor ( sucka cum lotsa ) in doublebreasted dickmassage and extreme deepthroat swallowing. On top of that she holds the record of consecutive blowjobs on one guy. I heard she even managed to get gay dicks hard and drain them. She once gave oral classes for fluffers – the women who have to make pornstars hard when they can´t get it up anymore. Daimn!

The animation is sligthly censored ( as seen above ) but not too much so you can still enjoy it. There are a few different versions on the net but I think I have included the best. I have checked all the download links myself and they are safe but NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I know, they are censored but I still advise to watch this at home.

The first download links are for a version that´s more of an interactive game that comes with it´s own player. The upside is that it contains all the variations, the downside is that you can´t understand the instructions. So it´s a lot of trial and error.

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Size: 438 Mb

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